Friday, March 16, 2007

best of craigslist : Advice to Young Men from an Old Man

I like a lot of these. They can be applied to women too - even the fist fight - especially the fist fight.
Just make sure your opponent is armed ONLY with his/her fists tho.
Very few people can actually beat someone to death with their fists.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Eighteen Percent Of Young Women Experience Sexual Victimization

The gist of this nonsensical and politically correct research is that women are childlike victims and can not be expected to take responsibility for their own behavior. If I was a woman, I'd be insulted.

(1) A woman is verbal coerced by her "intimate" partner into sex. Because she gave into his whining, she is a victim. This implies that women are not mature enough to say NO to aggressive intimate partners and not smart enough to make overly aggressive intimate partners into EX-intimate partners when they misbehave.

(2) A woman gets drunk at a bar and goes home with a stranger and has drunken dirty sex and wakes up ashamed of herself - because she didn't say NO, she is somehow a victim of the stranger. Most males have gone thru exactly the same thing - no one ever accuses them of being victims. Instead, their buddies laugh at them.

(3) A woman is a binge drinker and, sometimes, during her binges other drunken bingers "take advantage" of her if and when she passes out. Ignoring the fact that the other drunken bingers are just as drunk as she is and just as responsible for their acts as she is of hers, she is still somehow a victim here. The first time this ever happens to her should be the last time. She should report it as the rape it was and.........She should never get drunk again. She should never put herself in that kind of danger again. But, what if she does? What if she does it again, and again, and again? What if she continues to do it with the same group of people? What does that say about her as a victim of herself?

According to the study : "Victimization was defined as unwanted sexual contact, verbally coerced sex, rape or attempted rape."

Let's see. If I am feeling unwell and my wife tries to seduce me because she is feeling very well - does that make me a victim? After all, I experienced unwanted sexual contact from my wife. Obviously this criteria doesn't make much sense in long term relationships where partners are not necessarily in the same mood all the time.

"Verbally coerced sex" - the concept boggles me. I have a feeling here that they mean physically aggressive partners who usually don't need to demonstrate their true violent nature because their submissive partner already knows. Other than that I can only imagine some kind of con man who sweet talks his way into bed with a reluctant partner. I have yet to see anyone beaten to death by mouth altho my mother's mouth could cut you in half. There is NO verbally coerced sex. A man who demands sex from his partner against her wishes is a physical threat to her well being. He backs his mouth up with his innate violence. This is rape.
A woman who submits to this more than once is a victim of herself.

No one can deny that a woman ( or a man, for that matter ) can be a victim of a rape or attempted rape. When a physical threat is hung over a person's head whether it be a threat of physical violence or a threat of dumping you out in the cold in the middle of nowhere, then the act is rape or attempted rape and you are a victim because it is beyond your capability to defend yourself or protect yourself. And, let's face it, it is not always possible to determine ahead of time the true nature of the man(or woman) you've made the mistake of dating.

But the people who have done this study are those for whom the word "seduction" is equivalent to rape and who feel that women have no brains or self-respect nor are they required to. Women are somehow helpless automatons in the spanish sense who will instantly rip their own clothes off if they are ever alone with a man because of his overwhelming "manliness". Since men have this control over women, every action by a male towards achieving a sexual liason with a female is an act of victimization of the helpless female.


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