Monday, December 11, 2006

Sex offenders

First read this short article

From the above article:
"District Attorney E. Michael McCann has said no child can give legal consent for sex."

Hmmmm. Then why was this 13 year old boy charged? Because he willingly did something to the girl? The girl also willingly did something to him. Chances are that we will never know why the 11 year old did what she did because they will try to keep her from testifying but there are a number of minors who cannot "give legal consent for sex" being charged in this case including the 16 year old girl who promoted these acts. Can ANYONE explain why? Minors are people who are younger than 18. All those older than 18 at the time of these acts need to be charged as appropriate. But, if the DA is to be believed, NONE of those younger than 18 at the time of these acts can be charged since they couldn't give legal consent. Note also that the charges reflect the attitude that the sexual assault was on the female and NOT on the minor males. This is all hypocritical bullshit. Despite years of femnazis trying to turn males into females, most sex crimes in this country between a male and a female is assumed to be the fault of the male. If a 16 year old girl willingly performs fellatio on a willing 14 year old male, he can be charged with rape. After all - HE stuck some part of HIS body inside a part of HER body. If a 14 year old girl performs fellatio on a 16 year old male, he is really fucked if he gets caught. DESPITE THE FACT THAT NEITHER CAN GIVE CONSENT TO SEX!
Suppose a young couple - 16(she), 17(he) - have been having an affair for a year. Her parents hate him but tolerate the affair because they don't want to kick her out of the house. He turns 18. They have him charged with statuatory rape. He goes away for 20 years. Problem solved. (Actually, since he is a MALE, I think he can be charge before he hits 18.). This is a little extreme but I bet it has happened. Even if he doesn't go away for 20 years he is stuck with the sex offender label the rest of his life. In fact, if a young man (or woman but much less likely) goes to an illegal beer party, say, and takes a leak in an alley on the way home and gets caught by a cop or a righteous citizen (you know them, don't you?) - THEY can become a sex offender for the rest of their lives in some states. And politicians who try to change the law to prevent that quite often risk their careers.

Ya know - what we really want to do is put the real rapists and sexual predators in jail. Not these babies who don't know any better. Who are NOT taught sexual etiquette in schools or at home but by their peers who don't know any more than they do. How did the 16 year old girl get so corrupted that she thought this was ok? Was it done to her? How did the adult woman who was present come to think it was ok to do nothing? If an adult woman and a 40 year old man can stand by and let this happen, why are we laying all this moral holier-than-thou bullshit on a 13 year old boy?

However, for the most ridiculous charge I've heard of recently you have to read this story:
Now - I don't know about an 11 year old's ability to consent to sex but I'm pretty damn sure a 4 year old knows nothing about sex. However, I suspect that, since the principal in this school is whiter than white, the teacher's assistant was whiter than white too and Texas is a red, red, red state.

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