Saturday, February 24, 2007

Police, school get failing grade in sad case of Julie Amaro -

I cannot begin to describe my disgust at the stupidity of everyone involved in this gross miscarraige of justice.

This shows that our system of justice only works when there are enough sufficiently intelligent people to operate it and that justice is rarely, if ever, dispensed, even then.

Only an extremely self-centered prosecutor and anal-retentive police department would ever believe that a middle aged teacher would intentionally search for porn while being responsible for a class of 12 year-olds. Only a judge close to his dotage would exclude evidence from a computer expert who obviously spoke in tongues the judge couldn't understand.

And only Bush/Cheney types would ever get themselves into that position and then not have the balls to back out of it because of fear of losing face - the "stay the course" complex....................

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