Sunday, September 30, 2007

Random Iconoclasties

Just some random articles and the iconoclastic thoughts they engendered.

Children Of Lesbian Couples Are Doing Well, Study Finds

Now that one will pull the chains of some Evangelical Fundies and rightfully so.

However, should you read the article, you might notice the following:

....findings like these have led the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Psychiatric Association, and American Psychological Association to issue official policy statements supporting equal treatment of families headed by lesbian and gay parents.
Gays <> Lesbians.....
And the research was about
Lesbian couples.
Not Gay couples.

Doctor-aided Suicide: No Slippery Slope, Study Finds
To quote from Science Daily:

Contrary to arguments by critics, a University of Utah-led study found that legalizing physician-assisted suicide in Oregon and the Netherlands did not result in a disproportionate number of deaths among the elderly, poor, women, minorities, uninsured, minors, chronically ill, less educated or psychiatric patients.

Of 10 "vulnerable groups" examined in the study, only AIDS patients used doctor-assisted suicide at elevated rates.
This will also drive the Evangelical Fundies nuts and make people wonder why the Xian mafia had Doctor Kervorkian thrown into jail. I can only hope (not being Xian, I am allowed to do this) that they all die in extreme pain the way their God wants them to die...... The Fundies oppose assisted death ostensibly because they believe it will be misused(and also because it is EVIL). These studies show otherwise. OTH, it may be that Fundies are scared to death that Fundies themselves might misuse this option as a quick way to get to Heaven. It may also be the only way some Fundies can get out of some terribly abusive relationships.

World Leaders Need To Remain Alert To Latest Scientific Thought On Climate Change

Any rational human being would agree with that. But, our leaders are not rational nor are many of those wannabe leaders that reside in Congress rational. The right wing that leads this country is genetically unable to adapt to change. Whether it be changing weather or changing weather models. Any and all change is perceived as weakness. They simply have to be overridden by the 70 or so percent of us who are capable of dealing with change.

I highly suggest you read the paper:

Even if you, as I, have no expertise in Atmospheric Science at all. And even if you are a denier or someone who hasn't made up their minds yet.

Scientists: Owl recovery plan 'deeply flawed'

Hidden between the lines in this article is yet another indictment of the Bush misAdministration's policy of injecting politics and corporate interests into what should be a scientific matter. Also hidden between the lines is yet another woman or two who is complicit in these immoral (if not outright illegal) attempts to manipulate science for political and economic ends. Any of you who are infected by the "woman superior" myth can dispense with it. Woman are no more morally superior than men. All those republican women put in charge of these agencies would do anything in their puppy-like need for the love of their male superiors. (Remember that in the right wing and Fundie world, THE MALE IS SUPERIOR!).


Anonymous said...

Sorry this is unrelated to you post, but I'm not registering for the site this was on:
"(2) And, if same sex marriage is ok, why not 3 way marriage, polygamy, polyandry, robot marriage, marriage with this not a slippery slope?"

3 way marriage & polygamy/polyandry should be ok. There should be no objections to robot marriage beyond the more general weirdness that's part and parcel of AI. However the slippery slope ends before animals. Any marriage should be valid as long as all the parties freely and unequivocally consent to be joined. Animals and children can't do that.

The "difference" between same sex and mixed race marriage is only and exactly one of law and time. Miscegenation used to be (still is by some) considered an abomination, 'member?

(Wonder what those types think of GMO animal-vegetable combinations?)

Oldfart said...

I have seen bestiality videos in which the male animals definitely consented to sex at least. Children (they say) cannot consent but then different cultures define children in different ways at different times. Nature just says when you can bleed you can have sex and procreate. The whole statement was just an example of argumentum ad extremum. Don't make a big thing out of it.

But you bring up an interesting concept. Can a Vegan sue a business for feeding it corn modified by inserting a bacterial gene? Does one gene an animal make? Are bacteria animals?